The Happiness Lab with Mandy Miller, LMFT 
Phone: 415-517-2380

How did you get here? Here, this place in time, wanting things to be better. To feel better. Was it a series of events culminating in a sense of loss and grief, or  anger and resentment? The impact of  collective trauma of 2020 that feels hard to manage?
Not sure what step to take next as a parent or partner?  

You have found someone interested in exploring the mysteries of your selfhood with you. Together, we can increase understanding and appreciation of your relationships with the world, with loved ones, with family, and most importantly, with yourself.   My purpose is to create an environment where you feel connected. Where your willingness and courage come together.   Let's expand your capacity to fully live as you in whatever variation of Happiness you are living.

I’m so glad you’re here.

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